Why Singapore?

Rohit Arora

Sharan Mangalore

As Singapore reaches for its goal of becoming the world’s first “smart nation,” Agile professionals Sharan Mangalore and Rohit Arora are among those spreading the news.

When not teaching or coaching, they’re working as co-chairs of the Global Scrum Gathering® Singapore 2017, which takes place 17-19 July. Based on the theme “Go Agile. Go Smart,” the event is designed for a diverse group of attendees. “The conference is for anyone who wants to learn more about Agile, including beginners, intermediate users, and those working at an advanced level,” says Mangalore.

“We’re aligning the event with Singapore’s Smart Nation initiatives,” says Arora. Like the Smart Nation website (www.smartnation.sg), the gathering emphasizes technology as a means for empowering people. It has the potential to provide economic growth, better living, and stronger communities. 

As an attendee of the Global Scrum Gathering, you’ll have the option of choosing among three tracks based on professional interest: Business Agility, Agile Beyond IT, and Technical.

  • In the Business Agility track, choose among presentations on scaling Agile/enterprise Agile, leadership, career mentoring, performance appraisals, coaching, working with millennials, culture, governance, innovation, Scrum roles, Kanban, Spotify, and more.
  • The Agile Beyond IT track includes Agile in HR, sales, marketing, education, and government; it also covers service innovation and user experience design (UX). 
  • The Technical track highlights engineering concepts, practices, and tools, including DevOps; FinTech; Lean startup; Agile testing, including security and UX testing; Big Data, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things; Agile architecture; and more.

Smart Nation initiatives
Singapore’s Smart Nation initiatives focus on areas where Agile and Scrum are used today, including business productivity, transportation, home and environment, health, and public sector services.

While the number of “smart cities” is increasing (Dubai, Copenhagen, Boston, and Seattle are among them), Singapore is eager to become the world’s first smart nation, which adds to its attraction as a gathering venue.

“Singapore is a multicultural and multinational location,” says Mangalore. Scrum Alliance Meeting and Events Manager Emily Berman agrees. “It is a global hub,” she says. “As a Scrum Alliance-sponsored event, this Gathering enhances our presence in Asia.”