Global Scrum Gathering® San Diego 2017 — April 10–12

Discover the “Champions of Agile” in San Diego

Meet the "Champions of Agile" program advisors, Kate Megaw (left) and Anu Smalley.

Scrum Alliance® recently announced “Champions of Agile,” a new track being introduced as a part of the Global Scrum Gathering® San Diego.

The “Champions of Agile” track was curated by program advisors Kate Megaw and Anu Smalley, who are Certified Scrum Trainers and who served as co-chairs for the gathering in Orlando in April 2016.

In their current role, Megaw and Smalley mentor and support co-chairs in setting up the call-for-papers system and other event-planning responsibilities. “This means the co-chairs don’t have to reinvent the wheel for every new Global Gathering,” says Megaw. After the Orlando event, they had observed that the gatherings need to include more offerings for highly experienced practitioners.

Consequently, Megaw and Smalley wanted to offer an entire track dedicated to this group. To make this happen, they departed from the traditional process of collecting and reviewing submissions. Instead, they invited respected Agile community leaders to lead several advanced-level presentations.

Alistair Cockburn, an Agile Manifesto signatory, is among the eight thought leaders who will share expertise. He will address the topic of guest leadership, how it happens in the workplace, and how to grow a culture that supports this kind of leadership. Jeff McKenna, who started the very first Scrum team with Jeff Sutherland in the 1990s, will discuss the knowledge, forces, and practices of software development that combined to form Agile, Scrum, and the Agile mindset.

Other presenters include Diana Larsen, who will share insights on team chartering and its role in forming productive teams, Woody Zuill on introducing mob programming to your company, Chet Hendrickson and Ron Jeffries on enterprise Agile for teams, Michele Sliger on why your Scrum adoption will fail without the Agile mindset, and Luke Hohmann — known to the Scrum Alliance community for his webinars on scaling — on conducting enterprise retrospectives and addressing obstacles beyond the scope of the team.

The advisors want these presentations to benefit attendees at advanced levels of knowledge and experience. They believe the “Champions of Agile” track offers them just that opportunity. And that’s important, because Megaw and Smalley want the Global Gatherings to provide more than just the phenomenal networking opportunities they’re already known for.

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