Global Scrum Gathering® San Diego 2017 — April 10–12

Looking Back, Looking Forward — Surf the Tides of Change

Meet the San Diego gathering co-chairs: Vic Bonacci and Kim Brainard.

While each session at the upcoming Global Scrum Gathering® San Diego is unique, they all offer at least one common element: the opportunity for discovery. This gathering looks back to the early days of Scrum in the 1990s, explores the ways it is being used now, and looks to the future as industries and individuals find creative ways to use it.

One special feature that’s sure to excite experienced Scrum users is the keynote address by Scrum co-creator Jeff Sutherland. And if you’re new to Scrum, Global Scrum Gathering® San Diego offers the “Lifeguard Shack,” where you can ask questions, share ideas, and learn about activities taking place before and after sessions.

We spoke with co-chairs, and Certified Scrum Professionals, Kim Brainard and Vic Bonacci to hear more about what makes this year’s San Diego gathering so worthwhile.

“As a manager, you have to trust the team and you have to provide an environment in which the team can make its own decisions and self-organize. Individuals have to be accountable to themselves and to the outcome,” says Bonacci, an enterprise Agile coach at Bio-Rad Laboratories in California. “I think that's what Agile is based upon: people wanting to improve their work environment and wanting to make their teams a fun place in which to be.” Track I holds true to this idea by offering insight into customer collaboration and self-organizing teams.

Brainard, a senior Agile delivery leader for a nonprofit audit corporation in Virginia, finds that even though people come to Scrum gatherings from numerous countries, with different native languages, they share a common desire. “There are people from all over the world,” she says, “but we share a mindset.” That mindset, says Brainard, is centered in a desire to create a better workplace. And you will have plenty of opportunities to explore this mindset through Track II’s focus on creating a culture to reset the world of work.

“When we can internalize not just the processes and practices but the underlying principles and values of Agile and Scrum, only then can we transcend the doing and arrive at the being of Agile,” says Bonacci.

He invites attendees to consider ways to become more emotionally and socially intelligent and to collaborate better with each other, with customers, and even with competitors in the industry, in the interest of the greater good. He notes that in this complex and fast-moving world, we need to respond to change. “That, to me, is an Agile mindset, a growth-focused mindset,” says Bonacci.

Bonacci and Brainard can’t think of a better town than San Diego for a Scrum gathering devoted to looking back and looking forward. “San Diego is a coastal town,” says Bonacci. “You can be standing on the coast with all this history behind you and looking beyond at this endless sea with endless possibilities.”