High-Performance Teams: Why the Who Matters Less
With Fabian Schwartz, CSP®, CSM®

22 March 2017
11 A.M. ET (USA)

When talking to clients about building Scrum teams, frequent questions include:

  • Who do I put on the team?
  • Do I need superstars in every team?
  • Does a multifunctional team mean everybody on the team has to be an expert in everything?

In this webinar, Fabian Schwartz, CSP, CSM, will use studies from Stanford University and Google to show that it is not important who to put on the team, but rather how the team operates. He will then demonstrate how the “A-team” approach from military special forces allows for good multifunctional teams.

Additional webinar takeaways will include:

  • Defining team ground rules that lead to psychological safety
  • Implementing a commitment culture
  • Creating a team of T-shaped people covering the necessary skills


Fabian Schwartz

FabianFabian Schwartz has more than 15 years of experience in the tech sector. He has served in many roles in the IT industry, including developer, tester, trainer, as well as project and program manager. Over the past nine years, he has also grown from being an early adopter of Agile to becoming a Certified Scrum Professional® (CSP) and public speaker. He has done significant training, coaching, and mentoring in Agile development and project management. Fabian is passionate about helping his clients to achieve their goals and improve their performance by leveraging Agile approaches.

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