The Agile MBA
With Alex Cowan, UVA Darden

5 April 2017

In this interactive webinar, Alex Cowan will discuss how his classes at UVA Darden are preparing MBAs to participate at the forefront of disruptive innovation with Agile. Increasingly, Agile is a tool not just for managing the creation of software, but also for the design and innovation tasks associated with making sure it is valuable to the customer.

While the cost of building a new software product has been dropping, the success rate for new products and IT projects has remained stubbornly stable. What’s the solution? Is it having better ideas? Making the businesspeople more “technical?” In this session, Alex will show how the software curriculum at Darden is readying students for product roles at some of today’s most successful companies.


Alex Cowan

Alex_CowanAlex Cowan has been an intrapreneur and a five-time entrepreneur. Alex teaches product design at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business and advises corporations on product development and innovation practices at COWAN+. His Venture Design framework is widely used by practitioners and instructors for new product and venture creation.

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