Developing Agile Leadership
With Pete Behrens, CEC, CST®

May 11, 2016
11:00 a.m. ET (USA)

According to industry surveys over the past decade, the top impediment to further agility in organizations is lack of leadership awareness, understanding, and behavioral alignment with Agile values. 

Scrum Alliance has been collecting research and organizational in identifying the leadership mindset, behaviors, and focus that drive the sustained value delivery and organizational agility required to succeed in complex and rapidly changing environments. 

This talk shares the discoveries from that research, highlights the learnings leaders should seek to understand and apply, and introduces a new program from Scrum Alliance to guide leaders through this journey. 

petebehrens_2sq.JPGPete Behrens is a Leadership Agility Coach with Trail Ridge Consulting, focusing on leadership and organizational agility. He provides guidance to senior executives on how to transform themselves and their companies to work more effectively with more agility. His leadership has enhanced agility across many organizations, including, GE Healthcare, Google, McKinsey & Company, and more. 

Pete is a certified Leadership Agility 360 coach providing one-on-one assessment, development, and guidance for increasing the agility of organizational leaders. Furthermore, Pete is a Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC) and a Certified Scrum Trainer® (CST®) working deeply with organizations to improve their organizational agility. He was the founder of the Scrum Alliance CEC Program and co-developed the ICAgile Enterprise Agile Coaching learning objectives. His focus today includes strategy guidance for Scrum Alliance as a board member and developing the new Certified Agile Leadership (CAL) program for Scrum Alliance.

Collaboration at Scale: Problem Types and Strategies
With Harry Max, executive coach, and Luke Hohmann, founder and CEO at Conteneo Inc.

11 October 2017
11 a.m. ET (USA)

Scrum is a defined as "a framework within which people can address complex adaptive problems, while productively and creatively delivering products of the highest possible value."

But “problem" is an overused word. We assign the label to almost every imperfect situation we encounter, then deal with all of them in roughly the same way: avoiding them or tackling them, often using Scrum as a preferred technique. While this works just well enough to continue doing it, most of us have experiences when our preferred approach didn't "solve the problem."

Our failures are often caused by ignoring a critical truth about problem-solving: problems are not always problems. More accurately, there are a range of problem types and different strategies appropriate for handling them.

In this Collaboration at Scale webinar, recognized design-thinker Harry Max will share a new model for diagnostic thinking, one that will forever change the way you approach problem solving.

About the Collaboration at Scale Webinar Series

A joint production of Scrum Alliance and Conteneo Inc., the Collaboration at Scale webinar series is designed to provide a series of focused, outcome-driven solutions to collaboration problems faced by CSPOs, ScrumMasters, and Scrum Team members in organizations of 10 or more Scrum Teams.


Harry Max
Harry_MaxFormerly the VP of Experience Design at Rackspace, Harry Max is presently an executive coach working primarily with global brands. He has been a founder or on the boot-up team of five start-ups and has worked with companies like Apple, Google, O’Reilly, PayPal HP, SGI, and DreamWorks. An early pioneer in e-commerce and crowdsourcing, he was co-founder of Virtual Vineyards (the original, where he designed all the interaction concepts behind the first secure shopping cart. Harry is the founder of Public Mind, the first Open Innovation platform for harnessing the voice of the customer. Although he is now an executive and leader in the technology sector, fundamentally he is a caring creative driven to prove what is possible. His passion is helping people by getting to the heart of the matter. He advocates for clarity, freedom, transparency, and service. He has written a number of books and is currently working on an upcoming book based on the subject of this webinar.

Luke Hohmann
Luke_HohmannLuke Hohmann is the founder and CEO of Conteneo Inc. (formerly the Innovation Games Company). Conteneo’s enterprise software platforms and professional services merge collaboration frameworks, data analytics, and domain expertise to help organizations optimize decision making in the areas of strategy, innovation, sales, product development, and market research. Luke is also co-founder of Every Voice Engaged Foundation (EVEF), a 501(c)3 nonprofit that that helps citizens, governments, and other nonprofit organizations collaborate at scale to solve technical and wicked problems. EVEF has been a leader in the Participatory Budgeting movement, helping citizens prioritize hundreds of millions of dollars through budget games. EVEF has also partnered with the Kettering Foundation to create Common Ground for Action, the first platform for scalable deliberative decision making. Luke is thankful for the thousands of colleagues from the Agile community who have donated their time to EVEF.

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