Let Me Tell You a Story: The Essence of Effective Leadership Communication
With Bob Galen, CEC

23 May 2018
11 a.m. ET (USA)

A recent Harvard Business Review article includes survey data that alludes to the discomfort leaders have with communication. The article states that 70 percent of leaders are uncomfortable with simple, social communication with their teams.

Imagine that.

Most leaders are aware of their discomfort, but unaware of the gap they have in effectively connecting and communicating with their teams. Here’s a hint: Effective communication does NOT revolve around PowerPoint presentations focused on goals, mission, vision, strategy, and direction. While these “directional discussions” are a crucial part of your leadership role, the best way to share is through courageous conversations and effective storytelling.

Join Scrum Alliance® Certified Agile Leadership Educator Bob Galen as he explores these two key skills for your improved communication as a leader. First, we’ll examine the skill of crucial and candid conversations. What do those look like and how do they help? Next, he’ll explore the art of storytelling. Yes, stories can be one of your most effective communication tools – especially in an Agile context.

Leave this webinar with your head buzzing about how to better communicate and become a storyteller. You’ll realize the difference it can make in your Agile leadership journey.


Bob Galen

Bob-GalenBob Galen is an independent Agile leadership development coach and trainer. He’s unique in that he has over 20 years of senior technical leadership experience, as well as 20 years of Agile experience. This balance of deep in-the-trenches Agile and direct leadership experience helps him empathize with, connect to, mentor, and guide leaders toward more effective leadership patterns. Why? Because he’s almost assuredly walked in their shoes.

Bob has been mostly focused on delivering private CAL I classes. This webinar is based on those classes and shared learnings. The CAL essence has become an indispensable part in Bob’s toolkit as he helps leaders navigate the waters towards being more intentional and aware throughout their Agile leadership journey.

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